House Signs: Artwork.

From £25

    All our Artwork is generated in vector form, and is fully scalable. This means our Motifs can be scaled to fit larger House Signs if required. To add existing Artwork to a House Sign, we charge £5 to cover the cost of carving. Custom work can be created from just £25. This usually buys you 1 design (And about 2 hours work). We reserve the right to re-use artwork unless you specifically request exclusive rights, in which case we charge an additional £25 for any artwork generated.

    Mostly we work from High resolution photographs and create the vectors in ArtCAM. A degree of "Artistic Licence" will be used to allow for the nature of the carving.

    The examples below show existing artwork. Chopper 1 & Hot Rod 1 are typical of the complexity of our basic priced Artwork.

Chopper 1.
Artwork: Chopper 1
Hot Rod 1.
Artwork: Hot Rod 1