With a Blacksmithing father and painting/flower arranging mother, I grew up in a creative environment.

     I cannot remember starting in the workshop, I guess it was about when I learned to ride a bicycle.

     Bicycles turned to Motorcycles and I fell in love with the internal combustion engine.  I studied Art at "A" level, however engineering won and an OND in Motor Vehicle Engineering and a HND in Computer Aided Engineering (CAD/CAM technologies) followed.

     The HND was sponsored by Lotus Engineering and at the end I got a job there carrying out vehicle and engine simulation. Later I carried out engine testing, design work and a great deal of programming - creative, but not very Artistic.

    Some appalling ironwork at the Ideal Home Exhibition in London led me to take up my family trade of Blacksmithing. I loved every minute of designing and making, and finally decided to leave the security of a salary and become an Artist Blacksmith full time. Then I stupidly went and had heart failure which brought that to an end almost before it began.

     During recovery and the accompanying frustration of not working, I started using my CAD skills in the virtual world of Second Life under the title "Eclectic Fusion". Early in 2019 I bought a 3D printer to allow me to see and touch my pixelated creations. Once my ideas were a reality, I remembered my enjoyment of being a designer/maker, and I subsequently bought my virtual company into the real world.

     This business is part of my new journey. My work combines my "Eclectic Fusion" of Art & Engineering skills to make unique items for others. From Kits, to complete works, I hope to inspire others to enjoy Art, Engineering and to explore their own creative desires.