Current Projects the wind.

" the wind." a Time Sculpture.

    I am calling this a time sculpture, rather than a clock as although it does tell the time, it's main function is to distract you for a while, giving you valuable "time out".

    If you are like me, you'll have a rough idea of the current hour - The hour hand is a leaf blowing in the wind of time and roughly indicates the hour. It is only a guide as the un-even weight of the hour wheel and the backlash (Free play) in the gear train causes the hour hand to move a little relative to the drive movement.

    The minute hand is directly driven by the quartz movement and as far as is possible with such a movement, accurately displays the minute.

    Seconds are indicated by a second quartz movement with a rotating wheel that creates a moving pattern against it's background and just marks the passing of time.


    Design finalised, bottom row, first set of 3D prints.

    Top 3 images show the first clock finished and under test! 25/4/2020.

Door/Name Plates.

These images show renders for Steampunk Door/Name plates.

The designs have hidden fixings and hold the text on paper that is placed behind a glass panel.

Bottom, first one off the printer! - Now painted and ready for assembly 13/2/2020.

SOON TO BE AVAILABLE ON ETSY FOR £9+p&p Unfinished or £11+p&p finished in "Brass".

Kub-O'Clock - Coming Soon

Kub-O'Clock Part Minimalist Clock, Part Light Sculpture.

     The clock will use an 8x8 RGB LED matrix to show the time, scrolling messages or a number of different light patterns.

     The matrix will be controlled by Colourduino/Funduino leaving a NodeMCU processor to keep track of time and alarms.

     Accurate time will be guaranteed by using theNodeMCU to get the time from a dedicated time server on the internet.

    Time shown in video= 07:23


     External design complete, first prototype code tested, circuit design underway - 13/9/19

    First body printed, awaiting power supplies from China - 17/03/20

"Tantalus" - Nixie Tube Clock- Personal Project

     The "Tantalus" Nixie Tube Clock is an on-going personal project. The clock will have Z5700M Nixie Tubes as shown in the images above. Design involves custom PCBs, 3D Printing, Metalwork, mechanical Westminster chimes and eventually a smoke stack and a gauge or two. Tubes will be lit by RGB LEDs and the time aquired from the internet.


     Top left: The shape of things to come

     Top right: Testing the Nixies.

     Bottom left: Custom Nixie driver boards

     Bottom right: Nixie soldered to easily changable sockets

"Steampunk" CNC Machine - Business Project

     After seeing several successful 3D printed CNC machines we decided to design a "Steampunk" one for the workshop to expand our capabilities.

     We plan to take to events and have it writing business cards or plotting graphics, We toyed with showing the router,  but the possibility of a multitude of inquisitive fingers being removed, made it a non- option!

     If there is a demand I may make the finished stl files available to purchase.

     Progress - Most of the frame is now designed, watch for updates.