3D Printing 

        Geoff. first came across 3D printing when working at Lotus Engineering, they used the technique to model Inlet Manifolds for performance testing, much less costly than casting prototypes in Aluminium. Just 15 years later (as of 2012) this technology is available for home use, albeit on a smaller scale!

    3D Printer for Architectural Work:, also a site about the inventor of this awesome printer:

The first printers we came across: RepRap

Two of our favourites: Extrusion based Tool - PP3DP and a Resin based Tool - B9Creator

Online 2D and 3D Manufacturers

    We think this technology is simply amazing, a way to bring down transport costs by having work made locally and a way for everyone to create something without the need for the high investment of the machinery involved. Most of these companies list a range of applications that are well suited to the processes they use. 

These companies seem to be aimed at the smaller business & hobby designer:

Ponoko offer 2D & 3D - Partners in the USA, New Zealand, UK, Germany and Italy.

i.materialise 3D printing in Belgium

Sculpteo 3D printing based in France

Shapeways 3D printing in the Netherlands

These companies are geared to larger scale & industrial design:

idc models - Berkshire, UK

RedEye - Link is for Europe, Also available in USA & Australia

Artists using 3D printing:

Theo Jansen creates these amazing walking beach animals, he also has a store selling his "Animaris Geneticus Parvus" 3D printed walkers.

Joshua Harker creates amazing 3D spiral art and Sugar Skulls.

2D Drawing:

Inkscape -

3D Modelling:

Blender Foundation -

FreeCAD - FreeCAD



ArtCAM Express - ArtCAM Express

Mach3 - Newfangled Solutions


Second Life:

Our Second Life Marketplace Store - Eclectic Fusion